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How do you deliver and setup your saunas?

When you purchase from our online store, we will contact you to confirm your delivery date, time and details! If you'll be having the items shipped or picked up at our warehouse, we will contact you as well to finalize. We will setup your saunas within 2 hours of arrival to keep your contact with our team at most minimal. Our saunas are pre-fabricated and you will not need to renovate anything in your home, and because they are dry saunas, we will not need you to provide a space near a water source. Thank you and we look forward to placing our luxury saunas in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Love our products but want to know More?

Here are some frequently asked questions about Oasis Saunas!

Though our company has both Dry Far Infrared and Stone Saunas, Dry Far Infrared is more popular and highly suggested for home saunas. Infrared sauna heats your body directly using carbon infrared panels arranged evenly throughout the cabin. These carbon panels have a longer service life, unlike rock saunas which need new rocks and maintenance every 1-2 years.

The Dry Infrared sauna emits a comfortable and dry heat that penetrates deep into the skin. This heat, much softer than a steam sauna, allows users to stay longer in the cabin and enjoy the sauna experience.

Infrared Saunas have Bluetooth speakers and ionizers, Stone Saunas do not.

In addition, Dry Far Infrared Saunas consume less energy and need less preparation for setup, as they rarely need breakers, and don’t need exhausts.

One must also take into consideration that Dry Infrared saunas need only a few minutes to heat the cabin, while Stone saunas need approximately 15-20 minutes pre-heating time.

That said, many families still love the feel of pouring water into the stone saunas, which is still how it is done in many Finnish and Asian saunas. Also, Rock saunas can go to very high temperatures, whereas Far Infrared Saunas can heat the cabin to 65C-70C at most.

BOTH Saunas do NOT require drainage. However, window ventilation would be best to allow moisture to be released from sauna and surrounding area. In the case of Stone Sauna, we suggest placing in an area that is highly well ventilated and can accommodate high humidity. For example, placing Stone Saunas in an enclosed wood space without windows may cause surrounding wood walls to rot due to high moisture.

At the end of the day, it is best to choose the sauna that best fits your lifestyle, your preference, your electrical and space requirement, as well as your commitment to maintenance and care.


This seems to be a very common question asked of us as other saunas with similar designs are sold as outdoor. The Indoor Saunas can be used outdoor, only if they are:

a. Fully roofed and protected from rain, wind, typhoons, and blown-in rain
b. Are in a waterproof location
c. Are not placed in a location where direct sun hits the wood (therefore causing wood to warp or wiring to melt)
d. In an area that does not have the sauna sitting on water

Please always keep in mind that saunas have electrical wiring (yes, even the stone saunas!) So it is always safest to keep the saunas in a protected location, to make it last for many years.

Should your location not be able to provide a housing or protection, please note that we DO have an Outdoor Serene 3 Stone Sauna available. This sauna is waterproof and is built withstand the elements for many years.


We provide 1 year warranty starting with the assembly date. This covers all the heating and electronic parts of the sauna. Please note that our warranty does not cover the following:

a. Damage from placing an Indoor Sauna Outdoor
b. Cosmetic changes or scratches
c. Damage from mishandling of sauna, different from care instructions specified in User Manual (i.e, placing of water on carbon heaters, placing rocks inside dry infrared sauna, using steam inside dry infrared sauna, washing down sauna, etc)
d. Tampered parts and electronics of sauna e. Fixing sauna after client has non-accredited contractor open sauna For more information on our warranty, please send us a PM for a copy of our Purchase Agreement!

We ship Nationwide to anywhere in the Philippines! Should you wish ti view a model unit though, please do feel free to contact any of our accredited distributors:

  • Brun Air Dagupan
  • Brun Air Tacloban
  • Brun Air Cebu
  • Brun Air Puerto
  • Princessa
  • Brun Air La Union
  • Benny Santillan, Iloilo
  • Architect Marvin
  • Kwan, Davao
  • Ganch Homeplus
  • Oriental Mindoro
  • Practical Home San Pablo
  • PHPS Home
  • Shoppers San Pablo
  • Hoover Picar, Naga

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